XIV Launcher

XIVLauncher is an alternative launcher for FFXIV that provides a more intuitive UI and support for various add-ons and enhancements to the game. These enhancements range from plug-ins that offer UI enhancements and visual changes as well as tweaking gameplay. If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder if there was a plugin for…”, it can probably be found and used through the XIVLauncher.

A general word of warning: It is recommended that you do not talk publicly about the use of plugins. Do not use plugins to harass or negatively impact the experience of other players. By using plugins, you are accepting the risks associated, such as an in-game ban.

XL Screenshot

I recommend Authy Authenticator app as it can be installed on both Desktop and Phone and is account controlled. Save yourself a lot of headache in the event you lose your phone. 


− Auto-login
− Fast patching
− Discord Rich Presence
− Fast in-game market board price checks
− Chat filtering
− Chat bridge to Discord
− Discord notifications for duties, retainer sales, etc.

How to install the launcher

Download the latest “Setup.exe” from the releases page and run it. XIVLauncher will start and will be installed to your start menu. To uninstall, you can use the Windows Programs & Apps menu or right click XIVLauncher in your start menu.
⚠ Attention! If you receive errors during the installation or if the launcher doesn’t work correctly, make sure to check your antivirus first and disable it for XIVLauncher. Many commercial antivirus programs detect XIVLauncher as a false positive. You can check for yourself on VirusTotal. If you need any help with this, please check our FAQ or join our Discord channel.

How to install plugins

XIVLauncher supports the installation of plugins/addons made by third-party developers in-game. Open the system menu in-game by pressing escape, and then select “Dalamud Plugins” from there. You can also use the /xlplugins command in chat.
If the command is not found, or the options don’t show up, make sure that the in-game addon is enabled in the launcher settings.

Keep in mind, you do not need to use or enable Dalamud / Plugins with the Launcher. The Quick Launcher can be used have quicker downloads for patches or to benefit from the login.

Custom Plugins/Repos

These 3rd party repos/plugins are installed at your own risk. Only install after doing your own research. If you decide to use the XIVLauncher discord for support, please remove these 3rd party plugins before submitting a log. 

Burning down the house (for housing and others)

Material UI (requires penumbra below) 

Turn Tells into Messenger style

FOV and GCD Helpers (XIVAlexander)

Penumbra Mod Installer

Yes Already and other useful clicking things

Glamourer for glam swapping in game

**Customize+ for editing in game proportions^^

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