Game Upscale Textures

It is no secret that the Game Textures of FFXIV have improved with every expansion. The dev team has also announced that there are plans to update the overall graphics of the game. Even then, there is room for improvement. Presently, there is only one real solution to updating your textures to better quality. 

Kartoffel has done us all a mega favor by upscaling most of the game’s textures. The main textures I use are World, Equipment, Accessories, Mounts and Weapon textures. Each of her mod pages include a penumbra guide to install these mods. 

Keep in mind that these are upscales and thus will soak a lot of storage space. Combined, these textures can double or triple the game’s size, not that these files will even be on the same install as your FFXIV. And it goes without saying that an SSD or M.2 NVME is preferred, and your Video Card should have at least 8GB Vram. This is a constant process for her so be sure to check back regularly. Kartoffel’s discord has a lot of knowledge videos about her processes and why things are the way they are. 

If you are just now hearing about Penumbra, then think of Penumbra as a way to load mods, while in game with the ability to activate and deactivate them on the fly. So, you really never have to log out and most texture mods will work right away. Some may need a zone teleportation to trigger. 

Nexus Mods Link (main) 

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