Primal Weapon Farming


This guide is aimed at introducing new players to Primal Farming. It is not a definitive farming guide, nor is it a guide aimed at understanding all mechanics in each Trial. It should however allow you to feel more confident to join your FC or party finders to start this long journey. There are multiple benefits to primal farming, the most common being glamor. 

In each expansion, you are introduced to several Trials. Each Trial has an “Extreme” version which may reward players with some Mount, and a rare part I will call “primal item”. The primal item is used to craft Primal Weapons which has some special effect attached to it. Some may even have special animations. The latest expansion slowly releases Primal Weapons for the previous expansion. At the time of writing this guide, Shadowbringers is the latest expansion and the current Primal Weapons available are Sieryu, Shinryu, Tsukuyomi, and Suzaku. Shadowbringer is still not complete in terms of releasing all Extreme trials and there are no Primal Weapons for Shadowbringers. We would need to wait some time into the expansion after Shadowbringers to see Primal Weapons for Shadowbringers. 


Shinryu requires 1 tank, 1 healer, and at most, 4 DPS of high ilvl (450+). 
There is one raid wipe mechanic which is the meteor placements in Phase 2 but it is a very easy mechanic to complete. All other mechanics require positional awareness and boss awareness. Most hard mechanics are skipped. 

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