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Requires the game to be run in XIVLauncher . It is recommended that you have not modified your client with Textools. If you need Textools for mod creation then point Textools to a dummy copy of your FFXIV client. 

Penumbra is a runtime mod loader for FINAL FANTASY XIV, with a bunch of other useful features baked in:

No need to back up your install – mods don’t touch game files
Disable and enable mods without restarting the game
Resolve conflicts between mods by changing mod order
Files can be edited and are often replicated in-game after a simply “redraw”. 
The official site can be found here
A complete guide for Penumbra can also be found here


Add Penumbra as a custom plugin to Dalamud (XIVLauncher Plugins)

Login to the game, access Dalamud by pressing escape
− Navigate to Settings > Experimental
Add the following URL as a “Custom Plugin Repository”
− Hit Save and Close
Re-access Dalamud Plugins
Find “Penumbra” under “Available Plugins” and hit install



Access the Penumbra config by doing /penumbra 
Take note of the different tabs, Settings, Mods, Collections etc 
Create an empty folder preferably on your fastest Storage Drive
Back into Penumbra, enter the folder path, in my case it was C:FFXIVMods

That’s all, now you can start installing mods


Install Mods (ttmp2) files on the “Mods” tab. Look for the import button below. Note where my mouse is on the image to the left. 
After installing some mod, you may  choose to enable it at that point. 

− Rename the mod and add any desired tags. 
− Add some folders to organize your mods, example “body”, “hands”, “hair”
− Most mods can be triggered by doing a gear swap. 
− Some world mods can be triggered by doing teleporting to another zone
− UI Mods can be triggered by visiting the aesthetician and then canceling the sequence. 
− You can also go back to “Settings” turn off “Enable Mods” then turning it back on. 

Find Mods here < Auto Install into Penumbra and stay automatically updated

Collections & Character Groups

Penumbra is able to apply mods specifically to a player while ignoring everyone else. Navigate to the “Collections” tab and take note of the different sections including the ‘hints’ if they are available. 


Under Collection Settings, create a new collection like “ME” with “Create New Empty Collection“. The idea is that this “ME” collection will have any custom mods for your own character. 


Then “Create New Special Collection” and set it as “your character” A new line should appear for the new special collection with a drop down menu labelled “Your Character”. Change the drop down to the new collection you made with the name “ME”

Once that’s set, just go to Mods tab and at the drop down on the top right, change the collection to “ME” and start enabling mods for what you only want seen on “your character”. You may also want to switch the drop down back to default, to uncheck those custom mods from being active in default, because default means it applies to all. Keep in mind that special collections apply before “default” collections. Utilize this same concept for your alts, npcs, and retainer. 

− Create a collection
− Create a grouping
− Apply collection to grouping
− Configure collection in “mods”


Penumbra is complimented by the plugin, Glamourer. 

Glamourer allows you to quickly swap gear on your character via Penumbra, but it can also be used standalone. 
It could be considered as an in-game version of Anamnesis. 

Glamourer also allows you to change, store and apply glamour and character customizations. This can be done on a per character basis with specific jobs. Think about, creating a glamour set based on some mods you have in Penumbra. Stretch it further by changing your race and gender. Apply it so that it only works on one or several jobs.  

Glamourer Repo:


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