Mare Synchronos

Hi fellow FFXIV law abiding citizen. 

Mare Synchronos

The goal of this project is to synchronize mods between clients automatically, safely and effortlessly. Two users can add each other via their given UIDs and Mare will automatically download and redraw the player, applying any mods used. 

If you are interested in the project, please join the discord, read the faq and follow their rules. Installation, Support and Account creation is done on their discord. As a result, this page is merely informative and you should not follow outside instructions other than what is provided in the Mare Discord.

What is synced through Mare Synchronos?
– All applied model/material/texture changes to your character
– Skeleton changes to your character
– All applied model/material/texture changes to your weapons
– Partial applied character changes through Anamnesis
– Minions, Pets, Chocobo, Mounts
– All applied character changes through Glamourer
– Animations
– Heels, Customize+, Palette
– Sounds



If you are new to modding and plugins, reaching this point of installing mare can seem like a daunting task. At this point you should consider seriously organizing your mods into collections and folders. Mods, and mare should be installed on a fast drive, like SSD or M.2

Maybe you need a whole pc upgrade? 

MareSynchronos works on a pairing system, that each user must send each other their pairing UID. Having said that, there are “groups” called syncshells so Free Companies, Friends and Venues can simply use this method to invite users. 



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