Gil Guide

Your gil ‘farming’ should be split into daily and weekly tasks. Have stuff ready to be sold on the market board. Leave items to be sold without adjusting their prices, but come back to it every week. Your daily/micro tasks are better spent with the below options. 

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This is the best method for GIL farming but it does require you to be at end game with at least 1 job role, flying and access to Hunts. You can visit my Hunts guide to get more information. With the introduction of a new gear patch, people need access to raiding. In order to raid properly, you need melded crafted gear. As such, materia often sells well and is maybe the best way to acquire gil at end game if you utilize Hunt Trains. A stack of materia can sell for anywhere between 1 200 000 and 3 100 000 GIL (99 Materia) depending on server and current timeframe into the patch content. 

If you do hunt trains, the tombstones acquired can also be used for end game mats. More below….

End game Materia can also be acquired through spirit bond potions and generally doing content. Pay attention to your inventory grid HUD UI. When the “dots” turn white, you can extract Materia. This also applies to crafters and gatherers.

DoL/DoH Materia

A very timed method of farming Gil. The demand for crafting materia is insane during the first month of a crafting gear patch. You should focus on the high tier crafting materia of command or craftsmanship of the current expansion.  

‘Crafting materia’ after a month of the patch, the demand will fall even though prices of the materia remain high. With bots and high influx of players during a content patch expect inconsistencies. Ideally, you should have this materia “ready” since you do have months to prepare for a raid tier patch. 


Miner should be your main gathering class. All items are useful and if you have been leveling other crafting classes you should be aware of which items sell at early levels. 

Notable ores are Silver Ore, Mythril Ore, Mythrite Ore, Darksteel Ore

Always keep multiple stacks of Gathering Items but only sell one stack at a time. 

New patch content has the highest GIL potential for Gathering items, especially in HQ. If this is your calling you should spend a week just gathering the new patch materials. Prices fall exponentially on gathering items for the current patch as more people expand into this content. If you have a lot of hours in the day to play, Gathering is an easy and convenient method for GIL farming. 

Gathering mats for Firnament crafts is also worth looking into. 

Don’t forget to grab your end game treasure map every day! Look up the “timers” in your FFXIV menus to know when your next map is available. These can sell from anywhere between 40 000 and 80 000 GIL. 

The late-game gathering comes in the form of materials for gear crafts, fish, and ingredients for end game food 

Primal Farming

This is a high potential to farm GIL but requires a lot of work. 

Primal farming falls into several expansions, but the idea is that you solo/form parties to farm glamor items from the Extreme Trials. While ‘rolling’ for the primal weapon part is standard, ideally you would level up some crafter like Blacksmith and acquire the desynth skill. This way, you can buy Paladin swords to desynth for a chance at the primal weapon part. 

Most Stormblood Extreme Trials are easily done with a full party of mostly level 90 DPS. 
Titania and Hades are currently the only Shadowbringers Extreme with weapon glamor but this can change with patches so try to stay up to date. 


Keep in mind that all crafting jobs produce housing items. On that note, housing items are a common Gil sink although the market can be highly competitive. I recommend crafting items that you yourself would put in your house, keep a few in stock and sell 1 or 2 at a time to prevent someone from significantly undercutting you. The idea you want here is to have items on sale for the week. 

Notable items are any item of leaf/garden/water, lofts, furniture like couches, or the materials used to craft them. 

Medium GIL potential is crafting glamor. These are either weapons from primals or armors. 

The highest GIL potential in crafting is the new patch content. If a new patch drops with new armor, you should be there on day one trying to figure out which armors you should craft to sell. Yes, the armor will eventually depreciate in value but the first few weeks is worth the personal investment. 

Treasure Map And others

Treasure maps can be organized with a small group of friends, or with your FC as a weekly event. It is possible to grab a lot of GIL/mats worth a lot of GIL in a run, but it IS a gamble so sometimes you may not get lucky. There are two forms of treasure maps, solo, and party. If you did join an FC that runs “maps”, they will likely explain this in detail since new members are very interested in this method of obtaining GIL. Compared to all other methods listed above, Treasure maps is the method that has the most fun and can potentially give the most GIL. The only reason why I usually don’t recommend it is due to the fact that some organization is needed and you would be required to prepare your treasure bottles beforehand. Because this is something that can totally be done weekly, it should be part of your GIL farming. 

Firnament script rewards 
Eureka and Bozjan Fragments 
Bozjan Cluster Rewards 
Firnament Dyes
Weekly Doman Enclave
Gardening, like Jute


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