Brio is a small utility designed to assist with the management and control of actors in GPose. It is designed to enhance the experience of users no matter which posing tool they use, whether it be Anamnesis or Ktisis.


− Creation and Deletion of GPose actors (up to 39)
− Change the Penumbra collection applied to GPose actors
− Add/Remove/Blend animations on GPose actors (and adjust their speed / scrub through them)
− Change the active festivals and apply up to 4 at once (Moonfire Faire for fireworks etc)
− Add/Remove Status Effects on GPose actors
− Control Time/Weather in both the Overworld and GPose
− Redraw control of GPose actors
− NPC Appearance Hack (Allows you to apply NPC appearances to players without breaking tools like Penumbra)
− Works with Ktisis and Anamnesis (Enable Brio integration within Anamnesis for a better experience)


This starts as a plugin, so the XIVLauncher is required. 
Please go there before grabbing the repo below if you are new to plugins.

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