Anima - Heavensward Relic

The Anima weapon relics are regarded as a very grindy system. The important part you should know is that 90% of this relic is mainly about Allagan Tombstone of Poetics. The quest relic items can be pre-brought as you accumulate Poetics over time. Your ability to take part in Hunt Trains can award you a large amount of Poetics daily. Some items are needed from your Grand Company with company seals which are also easily obtained with Hunt Trains since old gear can be bought with Hunt Train currencies which are then turned into Company Seals.


  1. Complete Main Scenario Heavensward
  2. Reach level 60 for your chosen job.
  3. Ideally some crafter
  4. Access to end game hunt trains for poetics
    1. Alternatively, grind Aetherochemical Facility dungeon
    2. Grind Trial/Raids roulette for newbie bonus
    3. Eureka

An Unexpected Proposal

One time, non-repeatable quest
Your journey begins with “An Unexpected Proposal” quest. 

− Speak to Rowena (x5,y5) in Idyllshire.
− Travel to Alpha Quadrant in Azys Lla to speak with Ardashir (x7,y11).


Soul Without Life

− The Sea of Clouds Luminous Wind Crystal
− Azys Lla Luminous Fire Crystal
− The Churning Mists Luminous Lightning Crystal
− Coerthas Western Highlands Luminous Ice Crystal
− The Dravanian Forelands Luminous Earth Crystal
− The Dravanian Hinterlands Luminous Water Crystal

Only 1 is required per crystal but all 6 are necessary. You can also be on any job. 


Toughening Up

− Snowcloak
− Sastasha (Hard)
− The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
− Keeper of the Lake
− Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
− Amdapor Keep (Hard)
− Dusk Vigil
− Sohm Al
− The Aery
− The Vault


Coming into Its Own

Enchanted Rubber
− Unidentfiable Bone (10)
− Adamantite Francesca (4) 

Fast-drying Carboncoat
− Unidentfiable Shell (10)
− Titanium Alloy Mirror (4)  

Divine Water
− Unidentifiable Ore (10)
− Dispelling Arrow (4)

Fast-Acting Allagan Catalyst
− Unidentifiable Seeds (10) 
− Kingcake (4) 

First items can be bought in Idyllshire from Hismena with Poetics at any time. 
Second items can be bought with Grand Company Seals

Granted Anima Weapon


Finding Your Voice

− Five (5) Aether Oils

Buy for 350 Poetics each at Hismena

Granted Hyperconductive Anima


A Dream Fulfilled

− Allocate 240 Points to your Anima Weapon. 

Acquire Crystal Sand by trading with Ulan for various items:
Recommend buying (125) Blue Crafters’ Scrip Token with Yellow Scripts at scrip exchange (lvl 50 trade option).  
Other methods are available here 

Acquire Umbrite by purchasing for 75 Tomestones of Poetics from Hismena. Required at minimum 4500 Poetics to 6000. 

Granted Reconditioned Anima


Future Proof

− Singing Cluster – 50

Purchase for 40 Tomestones of Poetics from Hismena

Complete the weekly quest ‘Seeking Inspiration’
− Complete Duty Roulette: Leveling three times.
− Rewards 18 Singing Clusters

Complete the daily quest ‘Cut From a Different Cloth’
− Complete Duty Roulette: Level 50/60/70 Dungeons
− Rewards one Singing Cluster

Granted Sharpened Anima


Born Again Anima

− Sohm Al (Hard)
− The Great Gubal Library (Hard)
− The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)


Some Assembly Required

Speak to the Processing Node and complete the quest ‘Some Assembly Required’
Gather 15 Pneumite
− Purchase for 100 Tomestones of Poetics from Hismena in Idyllshire (x5.8, y5.3)
− Purchase for 4000 Grand Company Seals from your Grand Company’s HQ
− Obtain through a random chest drop from a Timeworn Dragonskin Map

After completing this quest, you will be rewarded with the Newborn Soulstone, which you will need after you finish gathering Aetheric Density.


Aetheric Density

The best way to finish this step is to join a farming group and complete Alexander Savage Raids. Usually, people choose to do A1S or A9S, as they are the fastest with an undersized party.

Granted Complete Anima


World of Wisdom



Best Friends Forever

− Bowl of Embers (Hard)
− Howling Eye (Hard)
− The Naval (Hard)
− Thornmarch (Hard)
− Whorleater (Hard)
− Striking Tree (Hard)
− Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)
− Thok ast Thok (Hard)
− The Limitless Blue (Hard)
− Containment Bay S1T7
− Containment Bay P1T6
− Containment Bay Z1T9

After you have completed these trials, return to and speak with Ardashir in Azys Lla. He will then ask you to deliver an Archaic Enchanted Ink, which you can obtain for 500 Tomestones of Poetics from Hismena in Idyllshire. 

Granted Lux Anima

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